Snowden Revelation Shocked Windows Users

I was on Television this morning watching Aljazeera…! I couldn’t believe my eyes n ears when i heard a conclusion remarks that, the Windows OS users profiles and data are wide open for scrutinizing by the big brother. Yaani Watumiaji wa Vidirisha, Hawana Usiri Pasipo uelewa wao…!

The efforts done through lobbying by $MS in African Countries to extend and maintain the market share proves to have an hidden agenda, thanks for the whistle-blower Snowden’s revelations.  

It is about time for people to migrate into Open Source ….! Just

Heading such as “Revealed: how Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages” are quite popular on various Cyber security websites…!

I thought Skype was most safest of mainstream comunications tools . This show when Skype was bought by Microsoft in October 2011, has worked with intelligence agencies last year to allow Prism to collect video of conversations as well as audio. Check the Guardian Thank you Edward Snowden for all the information. Someone is playing GOD here. “
It is true that, Bill left the Gates wide open for the NSA. More details on this report “Microsoft, NSA in bed together: report”


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Tanzania-MIT Tele-Hackathon

I could not believe this was to happen right here in Bongoland…! The first kind of its nature in Tanzania, a tele-hackathon….! Many thanks to Jacob Cole, a visiting student from M.I.T, one among top universities in USA where original hackers and the term ‘hacker’ was coined…! The Tanzania-MIT tele-hackathon will be held on 14th July starting at 12n till 10p at Innovation Space, COSTECH Building, dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

When i met Jacob, my mind swept back to one of the book i have read about Original Hacker by Steven Levy. few names, members of the Tech Model Rail Road Club leaped into my mind…! sammy i really admired the guts of this by now the Professor,  and a dozen of them. I cant help the tremendous shift of the original hackers ethics to the New World Order Hackers, where Hacking is kinda tool for survival. The hacking history goes back as far as 1950’s and ESR has put down quite a good reference on his notes.

Originally the  term hacker means a person who uses ingenuity to create a clever result. In today’s world, script kiddies, black hat, white hack and hack-tivity are names prevailing in Cyber Crimes and Network Security.

I recollected the events i have watch on TV and read  on newspapers, blogs and books regarding Security in Human’s Second Homes, ‘the virtual native of human kind’ whereby the presence, sustainability, and all sort of competitive edge of a business where profitable or non profitable lies in the  technology which faces whats known as Cyber Security.

I look forward to quite a happy hacking evening coupled with cultural networking event with people accross USA and urge fellow Tanzanian students who wish to attend this kind of an eye-opener event for beginners and networking plus making a platform for future cross cultural happy hacking virtual collaborative projects and what else? You name it…! Sky should be the limit….!

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Software Freedom Day Dar Es Salaam Tanzania 15 September 2012

The much awaited day by FOSS well wishers is here, hackers are smiling, knowledge is flowing, sharing of stuffs, exchange of knowledge and skills without forgetting networking… what else? You tell me … the initial event advert is here EVENT ADVERT

I am trying to remember exactly how the event went…!

Organizing team have done a good work to decorate the venue with Software Freedom Day banners, balloons and four stands were made available for exhibitions.

Media people are all around asking and interviewing participants… the event is about to start and everyone is looking much into what to come ….!

0900 it got started .. Ismail Settenda, who was the MC invited people and gave a short description about SFD,  Madam Nnenna Nakannwa, former Chairperson of FOSSFA also spoke more to introduce the SFD to the audience. I can see familiar VIPs around the venue…! some from outside the country , Germany, Canada, Finland, Kenya, what a re-union? I met my former schoolmates who came all the way from Arusha, Mwanza, Zanzibar, Iringa and Mbeya to participate in the event…! Its a great day…!

Sponsors and supporters of this year event are all here…! Zalongwa Technologies Ltd, Habari Node (Arusha), Tanzict, N.I.T, A.T.C, RUCO, CBE, GIZ, and FOSSFA Few words and the ball keep rolling…!

Lovely song by Edgar and Jack …! what a twist? i loved that…!it rocked…! listen the song here

Guest of Honor Dr. Hashim Twaakyondo then officially graced the event and declare it opened with a wonderful speech about FOSS and efforts in Tanzania. He encourage people,higher learning institutions, government, NGO every body to start thinking about migrating to FOSS. He encouraged students as well to get involved with volunteer projects on various FOSS stuffs such as Mozilla and also sensitized about localisation. The speech is available here Software Freedom Day Speech Dar Es Salaam Tanzania 2012

Thirst…! refreshment and breakfast is served to all…!

Key note speakers, started by Madam Nnenna who spoke all about Software Freedom, followed by Saganda who spoke about OER and then Dr. Juma Lungo who spoke and share his experience about FOSS in public sector, last but not least Erik Rowberg, the MD of Habari Node gave a wonderful seminar on Internet Freedom.

Papers presented are available here  Internet Freedom ,Tanzania HR project , hacking with FOSS ,FOSSFA Presentation , ict_innovation Open Education Resources

Imran from GIZ Tanzania also spoke about GIZ activities, GIZ is one of the sponsor of this event and the pre event (LPI training). He spoke about various project sponsored by GIZ and touched about ict@innovation of which Edgar highlighted ict@innovation activities before giving a presentation about FOSSFA – Free Software and Open Source Foundation For Africa

Mr. David Sawe, who also participated in this year  SFD event share with the audience his experience and efforts done back in 2007 to start a one voice one efforts in Tanzania in advocating FOSS through TAFOSSA Tanzania Free Open Source Software Association.

… Need to give energy to our bodies… lunch is served… thats buffet and I had ‘pilau’ .. ooooops… the food is great…!

What came next was so exciting…! technical training… How to make money with Free and Open Source Software and on the other venue Advanced Linux Desktop Publishing….and at Innovation Space.. hackers met.. for Wanna Be Hackers session…with a surprise guest ..Mr Frank Habich from TIX and SimbaNET!

The event ended at 1730 hours and every body is happy…!  Hope the SFD 2013 will rocky much more … as there is huge support from the business community and education sector, hopefully government, businesses, and almost everybody got the message about the practical benefits of using FOSS …! in all sphere of life .. almost Everywhere….!

For more pictures please see 

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Linux Professional Institute Training in Iringa

Linux Professional Institute Training in Iringa

15 participants attended 6 days intensive training at Ruaha University College as a pre activity for SFD 2012 in Tanzania. The training was conducted by Mr. Edgar Telesphory and Edward Nsolo. As a result, participants in Iringa have decided to start Iringa Linux User Group (ILUG) under the patronage of Baby Baraka Chuma. This will facilitate sharing and enriching among themselves as well as being able to organize more training in future at Ruaha University College.

For pics check out here

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Linux Professional Institute Training in Arusha

The SFD 2012 spread all the way to Arusha, and we are thanksfull for the management of Arusha Technical College to host the training, much thanks to Habari Node for making Internet Services available at the venue.

25 participants attended the training and are now looking forward to sit for the LPI Certification exams. Trainers for Arusha were Ismail Settenda, Roserian Laizer, and

For pics check out here

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Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Training in Dar Es Salaam

To show the practical benefits of FOSS, LPI training was as  well conducted at Natrional Institute of Transport (NIT) and College of Business Education for Dar City. Trainers Ombeni Msuya, Dr. Juma Lungo and Hassan. Mr.  Edgar Telesphory  was also involved at CBE. More than 30 participants attended the training. We are happy to spread the word about FOSS….!

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Software Freedom Day 2012 Dar Es Salaam Tanzania

Free Software and Open Source Foundation For Africa, Tanzania chapter in collaboration with Free/ Libre Open Source Software well wishers in Tanzania, would like to invite professional, College students, and Individuals to participate in a Software Freedom Day Conference to be held at COSTECH, on 15th September, 2012. The Conference will be graced by Dr. Hashim Twaakyondo, Tanzania Free and Open Source Software Association patron. There is no attendance fee, the Conference is free, thanks to our sponsors and supporters.

For more details please read the Software Freedom Day Press Release

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