Is CISPA far worse than SOPA and PIPA ?

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) also known as  H.R. 3532 is a new internet censorship and spying bill being introduced in Congress and is considered as the latest mutations of SOPA and PIPA.

Would CISPA be far worse than SOPA and PIPA? There is arguments going on between various Internet stake holders including big corporation like Facebook, which is in favor of CISPA. However In US, CISPA is receiving a lot of criticism.

What CISPA will do, if passed, is remove all the legal barriers that currently stop internet service providers, government agencies, and others from arbitrarily spying on internet users. In the name of “cybersecurity,” a term that is undefined in the bill, CISPA will essentially allow internet users to be surveilled by the government without probable cause or a search warrant, which is a clear violation of users’ constitutional civil liberties.

Additionally, it will allow websites like Google, Facebook, and Twitter to intercept emails, text messages, and other private information that might be considered a threat to “cybersecurity.” The government can then demand access to this information, even if it has nothing to do with copyright infringement, which is one of the excuses being used for why such a bill is needed in the first place.

In truth, there is no legitimate need to pass any “cybersecurity” bills because legal mechanisms to address internet crimes are already in place.

Kendall Burman from the Center for Democracy & Technology, an internet freedom of speech advocacy group, spoke to Russia Today (RT) in a recent interview.   You can watch the full RT interview with Burman here:

TheElectronic Frontier Foundation(EFF), another internet civil rights group, has created anAction Alertpage where you can learn more about CISPA, and also petition your Congressmen to oppose it:

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1 Response to Is CISPA far worse than SOPA and PIPA ?

  1. Lone says:

    The White House have threatened a veto of the controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) if the bill reaches President Obama’s desk in its present form. According to the statement issued 25th April, the Executive Office of the President expressed concern over the lack of privacy safeguards in the CISPA bill and said it “strongly opposes” H.R. 3523 as written.

    “H.R. 3523 effectively treats domestic cybersecurity as an intelligence activity and thus, significantly departs from longstanding efforts to treat the Internet and cyberspace as civilian spheres,” the statement read. If the bill was presented to the President, “his senior advisors would recommend that he veto the bill.”

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