Tanzania-MIT Tele-Hackathon

I could not believe this was to happen right here in Bongoland…! The first kind of its nature in Tanzania, a tele-hackathon….! Many thanks to Jacob Cole, a visiting student from M.I.T, one among top universities in USA where original hackers and the term ‘hacker’ was coined…! The Tanzania-MIT tele-hackathon will be held on 14th July starting at 12n till 10p at Innovation Space, COSTECH Building, dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

When i met Jacob, my mind swept back to one of the book i have read about Original Hacker by Steven Levy. few names, members of the Tech Model Rail Road Club leaped into my mind…! sammy i really admired the guts of this by now the Professor,  and a dozen of them. I cant help the tremendous shift of the original hackers ethics to the New World Order Hackers, where Hacking is kinda tool for survival. The hacking history goes back as far as 1950’s and ESR has put down quite a good reference on his notes.

Originally the  term hacker means a person who uses ingenuity to create a clever result. In today’s world, script kiddies, black hat, white hack and hack-tivity are names prevailing in Cyber Crimes and Network Security.

I recollected the events i have watch on TV and read  on newspapers, blogs and books regarding Security in Human’s Second Homes, ‘the virtual native of human kind’ whereby the presence, sustainability, and all sort of competitive edge of a business where profitable or non profitable lies in the  technology which faces whats known as Cyber Security.

I look forward to quite a happy hacking evening coupled with cultural networking event with people accross USA and urge fellow Tanzanian students who wish to attend this kind of an eye-opener event for beginners and networking plus making a platform for future cross cultural happy hacking virtual collaborative projects and what else? You name it…! Sky should be the limit….!

About fosstz

Free and Open Source enthusiastic, advocate, Practitioner, and Upcoming Ethical Hacker.
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1 Response to Tanzania-MIT Tele-Hackathon

  1. Oliva says:

    Thats great brother.. We’ll b there!

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